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Are you OK?


Jane Mumford's second solo show centers around her uncoolest years (to date), when she was 13 - 19. Growing up in Switzerland as the daughter of a British jazz-musician (broke) and a Swiss librarian (exhausted), you start to wonder what normality actually is, living in a village of bankers and doctors and stay-at-home-trophy-wives. Not seeing the point of joining the game, she decided to use her precious teenage years to become a goth -
a tapdancing goth. She fell in love with the dark brooding world of gothic rock and new wave, but also had a penchant for 1950ies musicals and Gene Kelley in tight white sailor pants. For years she straddled two worlds that must never meet, for fear of absolute bone-shattering embarassment. "Are you ok?" is all about the lessons we learn in our teens, and how long it takes us to unlearn them again as grownups. Despite very specific circumstances she learnt a lot of valuable lessons that all of us "adults", as we call ourselves today, may find useful. Or at least: amusing.

"Nobody's perfect, but this is ridiculous..."

Catch her at the Edinburgh Fringe at Just The Tonic's Attic Room
at 1:20 pm every day from 1.-11. August!


Why not!


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